At George's Chiropractic Tonal Adjusting Center, in Quarryville, Southern Lancaster County, PA, we focus on restoring the natural healing and functioning of the body. We recognize that we have an innate intelligence that is always striving to keep us at our optimum, but there can be interferences to the expression of that innate intellligence.

People usually wait to come see us when they have a particular health concern, usually pain of some sort.  We explain to folks that chiropractic does a great job of managing these situations, BUT THAT IS ONLY A SMALL PART OF WHAT CHIROPRACTIC CAN DO FOR THEM.

Every text book and health journal will tell us that it is the brain and nerve system that is responsible for all healing and functioning of the human body.  This system is so important that it is protected by the hardest bones in the human body, the skull and spinal column.

When we overload our bodies with stress, our spines will many times lose its proper balance and the vertebra will misalign into what is a vertebral subluxation.  The vertebral subluxation is a completely detrimental to a person's health because it interfers with the messages the brain is sending to the rest of the body via the nerve system.

The body then develops weaknesses and will start the spiral into poor health.

At George's Chiropractic Tonal Adjusting Center, we locate, analyze, correct and/or reduce these vertebral subluxations so your innate intelligence, or inner healer,  can get to work at restoring function and health in your body.

We want our practice members to experience a natural approach to true health that works without relying on surgery and drugs.  At George's Chiropractic Tonal Adjusting Center, we are Vitalistic Chiropractors.  

We serve Chiropractic care to all ages-from newborn to the elderly.

We inform our practice members so that they in turn tell their families and friends about the body's innate healing capabilities.

George's Chiropractic Tonal Adjusting Center, Located in Quarryville PA, offers  people an uplifting and positive experience towards achieving lasting wellness, whether they are a few hours old, or over a century old! Why not let us help you too!


We recognize and respect the innate expression of the perfection within the body to allow the body to be self-healing and self-regulating.

We acknowledge the body functions optimally when it is free of mental and nerve impulse interferences.

We recognize the cause of interferences to be physical trauma, emotional stress, and toxins which create vertebral subluxations and interference to the innate expression within the body.

Interference to the innate expression within the body reduces your ability to self-heal and self-regulate. 



Our Purpose is to enhance and impact the tone, health and well-being of our community through the service of Chiropractic and correction of vertebral subluxations.



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